Monday, March 30, 2015

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Welcome, my friends, to the busiest week in the life of a pastor.  The time between Palm Sunday and Easter is called Holy Week, and we really double down on the activities and worship this week.  It's all amazing and wonderful.  But it gets to be a little overwhelming.  So, I'm writing my weekly menu plan post as a little distraction.  :)

My favorite Holy Week infographic.  Blow it up if you want your mind blown.

It also happens to be my baby girl's FOURTH birthday this Thursday!  Wow.  To think how much life has happened between then and now.  It's unreal, actually.  Moving from Topeka, buying our house, starting my ministry at City Road, pregnancy and birth of Todd, separation/divorce . . . it's just a lot to contemplate.  She has put in her special menu requests for her birthday, which of course you will see reflected on Thursday.

Here's the food!

-- breakfast:  eggs mixed with a little leftover crumbled bacon, shredded cheese, and green onions, scrambled.  Garlic toast.  Satsuma mandarin.  Coffee and milk.
-- lunch:  baked potato soup, more garlic toast
-- supper:  it was finally my birthday dinner!!  (A week late since all my teacher friends were out of town for Spring Break last week.)  My requests were a mushroom risotto with peas, spinach salad, asparagus wrapped in prosciutto, and a lemon meringue pie.  It was completely delectable.  Every bite.  Best friends ever.

-- breakfast:  granola, raw milk, bananas, coffee and milk
-- lunch:  leftover turnip greens with bacon ends, corn muffin
-- supper:  chicken enchilada casserole, using soaked black beans, some leftover pulled chicken, and the last of some enchilada sauce I made last month.  Topped with avocado and sour cream.

-- breakfast:  scrambled eggs, bacon, garlic toast, satsuma, coffee and milk
-- leftover mushroom risotto, kombucha, pickled carrots
-- supper:  chickpea and yogurt salad, pita bread, roasted sweet potatoes

-- breakfast:  scrambled eggs, bacon, sourdough toast, strawberry jam, satsumas, coffee and milk
-- lunch:  leftover enchilada casserole
-- supper:  tuna salad sandwiches on sourdough, carrot sticks, potato chips

Thursday (Vicki's birthday!)
-- breakfast:  pancakes, butter, syrup, pineapple, strawberries, coffee and milk
-- lunch:  whatever leftovers we still have!
-- supper:  cheeseburger macaroni, peas, green beans, chocolate cake

Friday (Good Friday - office is closed and both kids' schools are closed - don't ya love living in the South!?)
-- breakfast:  scrambled eggs, sausage patties, sourdough toast, raw honey, home-canned pears, coffee and milk
-- lunch:  leftover cheeseburger macaroni and veggies
-- supper:  pizza on sourdough crust (ricotta, cubed sweet potato, caramelized onion, rosemary, roasted garlic, kalamata olives)

-- breakfast:  sourdough cinnamon rolls, sausage patties, coffee and milk
-- lunch:  we will be at my grandmother-in-law's house for an Easter lunch.  She has requested that I bring my Asian cabbage slaw!  It's similar to this recipe, but I make a lot of swaps such as using shredded cabbage and carrots instead of bagged slaw mix, sucanat instead of white sugar, a combo of olive and sesame oil instead of vegetable oil, and I add dried cherries.  Okay, it's not really like that recipe at all!  Lol. I should probably just write up my own recipe.  I'll try to take some pictures when I do it this weekend.
-- supper:  roast chicken, stewed turnip greens, mashed potatoes, roasted carrots

What are you eating this Holy Week?

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