Tuesday, March 3, 2015

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We are scheduled for more snow this week!  Unbelievable.  This is the length of winter I was used to in New York, not here in temperate Nashville.

It's interesting how nature marches on, though, despite what we humans have to say about it.  I drove up to beautiful rural Kentucky yesterday to fetch our milk for the co-op, and saw all the little calves that were just born.  They were snuggled up with their mamas or on straw bales, soaking up the sunshine.  Can you imagine being born in an open field during an ice storm?  Animals amaze me.

Here's what we are eating this week:

We literally always have one of three things for breakfast if we are at home.

1)  -- scrambled eggs from our Mennonite hens
     -- homemade sourdough toast/English muffins/biscuits
     -- raw butter we have been making from our Mennonite cow cream
     -- local raw honey or homemade preserves
     -- seasonal fruit from our CSA or mandarins (in the winter)

2) -- pancakes
    -- raw butter
    -- real maple syrup
    -- seasonal fruit

3)  --soaked oatmeal with raisins, shredded coconut, coconut cream, honey
     --seasonal fruit or preserves

Vicki usually requests #2.  If we have time, I'm happy to oblige.  If I do any sourdough baking, though, we will use the excess starter to have sourdough pancakes.

We also have a metric half-acre of bulk breakfast sausage from our recent half-hog purchase, so we have some sausage patties with whatever other breakfast we have.

Since it is so monotonous, I'm not going to put breakfast on the menu plan.

For drinks, we always have raw milk on hand.  We also drink Berkey filtered water, kombucha, or homemade soda from our ginger bug.  I would love to start messing with water kefir soon.

Finally, I try to make one dessert-ish item that we nibble on all week for snacks and desserts.  This week we are loving chocolate pudding pops.  These are a huge favorite with the kids, even though they make a God-awful mess.

-- lunch:  Swedish meatballs, egg noodles, roasted turnips
-- supper:  Family Dinner!  We got a pass this week on dessert, since Stephanie had won a gift basket from the Dutch Maid Bakery at a silent auction.  We had lasagna roll-ups, loaded mashed cauliflower, and jalapeno jelly and cheese wonton quesadillas.  It was fantastic.

-- leftover pasta with pumpkin sauce, salad with red onion and pickled beets, kombucha
-- supper:  BBQ hamburger (this is an old-timey recipe from my grandmother-in-law that's basically ground beef with ketchup, mustard, vinegar, and Worcestershire.  Then you eat it on a bun like a sloppy joe.  I'll do a recipe soon!), roast potato wedges, pickled cabbage salad

-- lunch:  leftover Swedish meatballs and turnips
-- supper:  cabbage, noodles, and bacon; kombucha

-- lunch:  couscous and chickpeas with turnip greens instead of parsley and spinach
-- supper:  pork chops, baked sweet potatoes, braised turnip greens

-- lunch:  leftover couscous and chickpeas
-- supper:  sesame/soy-glazed salmon, Asian cabbage slaw, sauteed green beans, scallion rice

-- lunch:  I'm going to a clergy tax seminar at the Conference Office and I'm fairly sure lunch is included!  If not, I'll just bring a sandwich of some sort and some veggies.
-- supper:  gonna try this pumpkin, sage, and apple pizza!  Holy moly it sounds good.  We will use our homemade mozzarella, of course.

-- lunch:  soup of cabbage and leftover scallion rice in pork and chicken broth
-- supper:  roast chicken, mashed sweet potatoes, roasted turnips, pickled cabbage salad

What's on the menu for y'all?

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