Monday, March 2, 2015

vicki jo: 3 years and 11 months

Oh man.  Is there some kind of terrible developmental phase right now?  My child is pretty much insane.  But I'll just leave this series of pictures here because she is still pretty cute.  (Thanks, God/Nature, for making children so adorable - so our hearts are softened when they try us so sorely!)

Here we are on a really great field trip with the Encore Class to Radnor Lake.  They were studying "animal architecture," and that's a beaver lodge you see in the background!  Vicki threw an enormous fit and didn't want to walk up the hill.  It was really fun for everyone.

Lol at Todd in this picture.  This was at an event at Kings Daughters just before Valentine's Day.  They made some special valentines for family.  

This might just be like the most heartwarming thing ever.  The kids have started to occasionally enjoy going into their room together, shutting the door, and reading on the bed.  I peeked in and snapped the picture right before Todd told me to shut the door and leave them alone.

Eating icicles during Nashville Icepocalypse 2015.  The Donald hat is also a favorite.

I call this one "Selfie with exhausted mother in the background."

Can't believe it's just one month until she's four!  I better get started planning that party . . . 

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