Sunday, November 11, 2012

15 weeks

Once again, not much to tell.  Things keep moving along.  And by things I mean the growth of my midsection.

Baby plus monstrous food baby at Church Retreat this weekend.  Whatever.  

How do I feel?  In general, pretty good.  None of the complaints that tend to slow you down nearer to the end yet.  I have an appointment tomorrow - we'll see how the old BP is looking.

I am getting into the hungry-constantly phase.  That's kind of fun, actually.  If only my digestion would keep up . . . it's moving at a snail's pace.  I drink Natural Calm (magnesium powder that you dissolve in water) and it helps somewhat, but things are just slow.  I probably need to add a probiotic back into my horse pill collection.  Have also heard anecdotally that alfalfa can help.

I've really been craving Asian food of all kinds - Chinese, Japanese, Thai.  Heaven is a fresh summer roll dipped in peanut sauce.

There was a point in my first pregnancy where my bubble kind of burst.  Not in a bad way - no one tried to hurt my feelings - but reality sunk in.  I was sitting at the OB/CNM office, waiting for my appointment, praying my blood pressure would be good while simultaneously feeling my heart nervously racing,  I looked around at all the other pregnant women sitting there in the waiting room, and I suddenly just felt very quotidian.  Before then I had felt very special.  Like I'm pregnant!  Isn't that fantastic!?  Don't you want to know the details?  Isn't it a miracle that a tiny BABY is growing inside ME?  

And then all of a sudden, in that moment in the waiting room, I felt un-special.  I felt like the hundreds and millions and billions of women who have been pregnant since time began.  Like the millions of other women who are pregnant right now.  I just felt like a woman who was living through what most other women will live through in their lives.

That's sort of how I've felt since the beginning of this one.  No big deal - women have been doing this forever.  Including me, and I have a pretty good track record.

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