Friday, November 2, 2012

it takes two when it used to take only one . . .

Naturally, I've been apprehensive about this whole two kids thing.  How will it work?  Will I ever become sane again?  Obviously people do this all the time (have multiple children, that is!), but as my mother loved to tell me, "Emily, you're not everyone."

Last night, our young friend Glancy came over for supper, along with his Aunt Becky.  His mother, aunt, and uncle are old friends of ours from camp.  Glancy was actually named for one of the camps that we all worked at - when I say "camp," it's really a network of, at one time, 6 or 8 different camps in different communities in Middle/Southeast Tennessee.  He is a delightful young man who has obviously been raised (you Southern people will know what this means).

Becky and Glancy.

I will admit that I was tired and it was a bit late and having people over always makes me nervous, so I was dreading Glancy and Becky's visit a bit.  But all my worries subsided as I saw Vicki and Glancy playing together with glee the entire time they were over.  They chased and ran, hugged and kissed, giggled and generally entertained each other.

And I was like, This is it.  This is what siblings are about.  

All I had been thinking about was the work (of which there will be plenty, I'm sure!), the laundry, the cleaning, the discipline, the cost.

I hadn't given a second thought to the joy, the shared life, and the memories they will only be able to share with one another.  How much I value being able to call my brother and sister and mention Mom's obsession with only using one square of toilet paper and they know exactly what I mean.  Or how Mark will call and leave a voicemail so long that it will cut him off, and then he will call back and leave another one.  Or about how Grandma Iris kept her house at 80 degrees in the summer in Denver.

This little happening last night has given me a lot of peace.  It's a good feeling.

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