Sunday, September 2, 2012

practical life: care of self

Vicki Jo has entered a phase of wanting to dress herself!  She is also giving very clear signs about when she has to use the bathroom.  As in:  saying "poo" as she does it, and crawling over to the corner of her bed last night while I was dressing her after the bath, turning her back to me, standing up, and peeing all over the bed.  Sigh.

I love how in the photos above she knows that her foot is supposed to somehow come out the other end of the pant-leg, but she just can't quite figure out how to make it happen.  She's working hard!  She loves digging through her dirty laundry (which we keep in the small wicker basket in the periphery of the photos) and finding things to put on.  

All of this is so strange to me because she is still not walking (at seventeen months today!).  I'm hesitant to start toilet learning when she is unable to pull her own pants down and walk to the toilet, but she seems to be telling me that it's time to think about it. 

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