Saturday, September 8, 2012

lemme lemme upgrade ya . . .

Anyone else remember when Beyonce did that horrendous commercial for Direct TV?  "Lemme lemme upgrade ya upgrade ya"?  And she shimmied in the golden dress with fringe?  I lived with my friends Stephanie and Julie in a little basement apartment in a rundown complex in a rundown part of town when that commercial came out.  I watched a lot of TV, and I swear I saw that commercial fifty times a night for fifty nights.

Anyway, the song came into my head because we experienced an upgrade in our babywearing gear.  For the last seventeen months, we have had the Moby wrap and a Kelty front carrier.  It took me six or seven months to figure out how to tie the Moby tight enough to really hold Vicki Jo securely.  The Kelty I only ever used a few times at the grocery store before I realized that it incorrectly distributed her weight right onto her crotch.  (I thought about how I would feel in such a position - not comfy!)

So for our walks and frolics for the past year or so, we have been using the Moby.  Although it is rated to 35 pounds, I was having to tie it so tight as Vicki creeps up into the mid-20s that she was right in my face as we walked.
Despite how much I loved being slapped, pinched and scratched in the face while walking (and despite all admonitions to "be gentle!"), it was time to invest in a back carrier.

So we walked our happy selves down to the local baby goods store.  It only opened a few weeks ago, and it is heavenImse Vimse diapers, hand-dyed clothing, natural wooden toys, amber teething necklaces (picked up one of those too), and all at not-unreasonable prices (plus a 10% discount for folks living in the neighborhood!). 

But I had my eye on the Ergo Baby carrier in the corner.  The owner helped me try it on, get Vicki inside, and away we went!  The comfort level is beyond comparison.  She is much happier on my back, I am much happier without her fingers constantly in my mouth, and I feel better aligned.  We wore it today down to fEASTival and we didn't need any adjustment for the whole several-miles walk.  It was pricey for sure (about $110 after my discount), but it will be well worth it, and can be worn on front with a small infant as well.

What is the best upgrade you've ever made?  (Baby gear or otherwise.)


Christine said...

I would say our Ergo is one of the best upgrades we made as well! That and the silk ring sling made a huge difference in our mobility with babies.

Emily said...

Yes! It has been so awesome and will be great with the hiking and backpacking we like to do in Tennessee's amazing autumns. Two downsides for me thus far: I am not without belly fat, and the way you have to wear this tight and low across your hips (hello airline attendant!) really emphasizes that . . . and makes it into a huge noticeable roll for me. And, Vicki has already figured out how to pull up my sleeves and pinch me on the arms. What is with that?! She thinks it the most hilarious thing ever. Now I can't even reach her to get her to stop. Sigh.

mama foosa said...

Love our ergo! Now that I have the growing belly though, I'm only using a short woven wrap - they're almost as much as the moby but it was a must!

Emily said...

I have heard such great things about woven wraps! I must admit I was kind of an idiot when it came to the Moby, so I'm still a bit intimidated of trying to do a back carry with something more complicated than the Ergo. Practice makes perfect, I suppose.