Friday, September 7, 2012

big girl

Our good friend Kevin is in barber school.  He makes the most fantastic designs and styles.  Vicki Jo has been staying over with Kevin, Andrea, and their daughter Cannon a little bit.  (Much to Cannon's sheer delight.  Yesterday she stayed home sick from kindergarten and got to play with Vicki and their pet chickens.) 

A week or two ago, Kevin's barber instinct kicked in, and he commented to Jeff that we really needed to give Vicki a trim.  See, her hair color and texture are just like mine (namely:  brown and fine).  But the growth pattern is all Jeff.  He is the only person I've ever met who can grow a fine mullet with absolutely no effort.  In the "before" photo, you can get a nice feel for just how flowing her mullet was becoming.  Yesterday she got her first haircut!  She wouldn't sit still this morning for a good "after," but you can get the idea.

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