Saturday, September 29, 2012

the best present

This has been a hard week.  Longs hours at work, a baby toddler who seems very aware of her new locomotion and independence, and Jeff's beloved Granddaddy finally made the transition to an Alzheimer's unit.  It is the best place for him, and yet we all struggled with the decision.  Especially our Memaw (his wife).

So I was more glad than ever for our Saturday nights.  My parents-in-law give us the most amazing gift.  They keep Vicki at their house pretty much every week.  We take her over in the afternoon, go out and have fun (or stay in and rest), and we all meet again at church in the morning.

Vicki with her grandmother.
Vicki with her Pawpaw Randy.

 Tonight, I did nothing more than make a trip to Target for dishwasher detergent and dryer sheets.  I leisurely tried on clothes and sipped a Slurpee, reveling in the novelty of not having share it with anyone.

Now I will go eat sushi and seaweed salad, by myself, with a book.

A wild Saturday night, I know.  But a welcome one.  I adore spending time with my daughter.  And spending time away from her occasionally makes me love our time together that much more.

I've said before that the single biggest reason we wanted to return to Nashville was the support we would receive from our family network.  Saturday nights are one of the best examples of that support, and I couldn't be more appreciative.

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