Monday, December 15, 2014

menu plan december iii

Anyone out there?  I'm having a hard time keeping up my motivation to blog.  The one thing that I want to keep doing is the weekly meal plans - mostly for myself!  I love the idea that if I keep this up for a year, I will essentially have made myself a year-long seasonal/local template for menus.  Great resource.

Huge news this week - our order of a naturally-foraging half-hog will be in!  So, I'm anticipating some chops or ribs or a roast later on this week, for sure.  Sometimes I feel like my whole life revolves around sourcing, preparing, cooking, and enjoying amazing homemade food.  And the really crazy part is that I enjoy it and don't feel that it is abnormal.  Lol.  Does this mean it's a calling?

Christmas jammies brought to you courtesy of Grandpa Mark and Grandma Rosalie.
On to the food!

Some notes:  we literally always have one of two things for breakfast if we are at home.

1)  -- scrambled eggs from our Mennonite hens
     -- homemade sourdough toast/English muffins/biscuits
     -- raw butter we have been making from our Mennonite cow cream
     -- local raw honey or homemade preserves (green rhubarb lately - yum!)
     -- seasonal fruit from our CSA or satsumas (in the winter)

2) -- pancakes
    -- raw butter
    -- real maple syrup
    -- seasonal fruit

Vicki usually requests #2.  If we have time, I'm happy to oblige.  If I do any sourdough baking, though, we will use the excess starter to have sourdough pancakes.

Since it is so monotonous, I'm not going to put breakfast on the menu plan.

Lunches are pretty much always leftovers.  If I do some actual cooking for lunch, I will put it in the plan.  If not, just assume it's something unexciting.

For drinks, we always have raw milk on hand.  We also drink Berkey filtered water, kombucha, or homemade soda from our ginger bug.  I would love to start messing with water kefir soon.

Finally, I try to make one dessert-ish item that we nibble on all week for snacks and desserts.  This week I made maple marshmallows from scratch, which we are also using as part of our Christmas gift baskets.  I will post a recipe this week!  Super easy and very satisfying.

--lunch:  I made a meatloaf, braised kale, mashed turnips, and sourdough rolls
--supper:  Family Dinner!  It was our week to bring appetizer, so I did a caramelized onion dip.  I'll do a recipe on this soon, too.  Easy and delicious.  Served with kohlrabi sticks and kettle chips.

--lunch:  leftover kale pizza, home-canned cranberry sauce, kombucha
--supper:  black bean soup (minus chicken) with cheese quesadillas (raw cheese, homemade tortillas), home-canned salsa, sour cream, avocado, etc

--lunch:  Living Word Sunday school class Christmas party luncheon!  Can't wait.  One of the great perks of my job is getting invited to about 134890235 Christmas parties with awesome food.
--supper:  Korean beef with cabbage, steamed rice, homemade extra-spicy kimchi

--lunch:  out with some lady friends at PF Chang's!  Lettuce wraps here I come.
--supper:  salmon fillets with ginger butter, honey-glazed carrots, sauteed kale, sourdough dinner rolls

--lunch:  leftover meatloaf, turnips, sourdough roll, kombucha
--supper:  pork chops!!  With home-canned pear sauce, sauteed cabbage, roasted potatoes, and sourdough rolls

--lunch:  egg salad, sourdough toast, home-canned cranberry sauce, kombucha
--supper:  acorn squash pizza on sourdough crust (sub goat cheese for gorgonzola) with homemade mozzarella cheese, ginger bug sodas

--lunch:  tomato soup, grilled cheese on sourdough toast, homemade lacto-fermented chili-garlic dill pickles
--supper:  roast chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans from the freezer, garlicky kale salad, sourdough dinner rolls

What are you eating?  Anything amazing to share?

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