Monday, August 8, 2011

perfect steak or salmon

I have fussed and fiddled with recipes for cuts of beef or salmon steaks for so long, and finally just found that this method is the best.  It yields the kind of meat that I want:  crisp outer crust, with a not-too-done interior.  It's a double-heat method, starting with a hot pan on the stovetop, and then finishing in a hot oven.  It's fast, to boot!

1/2 lb steak or salmon fillets
salt and pepper
2 t cooking oil

Preheat oven to 450.  Season the meat or fish on both sides.  Heat a large skillet (I use cast-iron - just make sure it can go in the oven) over medium-high heat.  Add cooking oil, then place meat or fish in the pan.  (If using salmon, place it skin side up.)  Let it cook for three minutes.  Flip the meat or fish, then immediately place in the oven.  For salmon, do it four minutes.  For steak, depending on the thickness, leave it for five or six minutes.  Serves two.

To finish this meal, I like to add a salad and a vegetable, as well as a starch like a baked potato, rice, or pasta.  Jeff also really loves dinner rolls.  (He has a sick obsession.  He will eat like five dinner rolls in a meal.)  The steak or salmon is nice with a little compound butter on it:  take a few tablespoons of softened butter and mix in a little lemon juice, a pinch of salt, and some herb or spice.  Salmon is nice with grated ginger, and steak is good with sage or rosemary.

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Erin said...

We used to use a similar method for panko crusted halibut. I think it really keeps it tender and juicy inside!