Wednesday, December 24, 2014

an advent prayer

You know it's still Advent, right?  The season of waiting and preparation.  And, depending on your tradition of numbering days, it will remain Advent until either sundown tonight, or midnight tomorrow morning.  Each year, my mentors, dear friends, and incredibly special people Blair and Doug Meeks send an Advent Prayer that Blair writes.  She is a talented liturgist who spent years writing and editing liturgies.  Dr. Meeks was my professor and a huge champion of mine at seminary.  I'm thrilled to be spending more time with him as I dive into a doctoral program next month (more on that later!).  Blair and Doug send her Advent Prayer out to all his students, present and former, and their friends.  I've posted it here below because it spoke to me powerfully this morning.  I hope it can bless you as you culminate your time of waiting this evening.  

Prayer for Healing and Peace

God of all creation, you sent your Word to live among us.
This same Word was with you at the beginning:
and all things came into being through him.
Give us grace to honor all that you have created,
to live wisely and manage well what you have made.
Open our eyes to the carelessness that threatens the earth;
let us hear the sighs of creation for your saving grace.
Teach us to care for all living things,
as you care for us and make us your children.
Grant to the earth healing and peace.
God in your mercy,
Hear our prayer.

God of the little ones, you sent your Son to be born as a baby,
the Holy child of Bethlehem: Hear the cries of your children everywhere,
the homeless, the orphans, the sick, the hungry, and those in constant danger.
Hear the cry of Rachel weeping, grieving with mothers in all places
whose children have no chance at life.
Give us courage to share the abundance of your good gifts.
Grant to the suffering healing and peace.
God in your mercy,
Hear our prayer.

God of the oppressed,
Jesus, your Son, comes to release the captives
defend the needy, and crush the oppressor:
As you showed the magi Herod’s treachery, open our eyes to powers of death.
Make us agents of your life-giving power.
Teach us to speak truth and live with grace in the name of Jesus, lover of life.
Grant to the hopeless healing and peace.
God in your mercy,
Hear our prayer.

God of the peacemakers,
Your son was born in a country at war, and yet he is Prince of Peace.
Help us to see his star, the light of life, the light of hope and joy.
Free us from foolish pride and empty dreams
and lead us to find our hope in you alone.
We give you thanks that we have seen Jesus,
whose love will destroy the power of death.
Keep us faithful as we wait for his coming again.
Grant to the world healing and peace.
God in your mercy,
Hear our prayer.


(copyright Blair Meeks 2014)

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