Tuesday, December 16, 2014

todd: 19 months

Well, he's officially not "baby Todd" anymore.  I was worried the poor guy was going to be called baby Todd until he went to college.  Now, thanks to Vicki Jo's deep, deep obsession with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, he is called "Toodles."  If you don't know what I'm talking about, please just count yourself lucky.  Here's what Todd's been up to this last month:

He's really into spinning around and around until he falls down like a drunkard.  Here he is showcasing his skills at the ice cream shop.

The poor, poor dog.  Sweet pup is the longest-suffering member of our family, by far.

His favorite lounging position for a stroll.  He and Vicki both also insist on taking along a drink for every walk and car ride.  So funny because their dad has always done the same thing.

He did really well on our long car trip to my sister's, then to Chicago area for a wedding, then back home.  This is in a rest stop in Indiana somewhere.

At my sister's he experienced real snow for the first time!  This is one of my complaints about Nashville - no winter.  Playing in the snow was a quintessential element of my Kansas childhood, so I'm glad they could do it, if just for one day.

Giving his Christmas jammies a spin, in preparation for Christmas Eve.  :)

He is also talking like crazy.  I was fully prepared for him to take longer to talk a lot, as Vicki is unusually loquacious and boys typically take longer.  But nope - he's jabbering up a storm.  "Read book," "no puppy," "big car," and other phrases are his recent additions.


Big Gal said...

Unfortunately, I also understand the whole "Toodles" concept.....ugh!

Emily said...

Yeah - it's a unique kind o torture! "oOh Toooodllless." Lol.