Thursday, February 7, 2013

consumer conundrum

So, I just found out last night that the lovely ladies at church are going to give us a shower.  What a blessing!

I truly was not anticipating a shower this time around.  I know it's not customary for second or subsequent babies, and we got so much stuff with Vicki that we never ended up using.  We had two showers when I was pregnant the first time, and they were both really special.  We are still working through some of the stuff I got over two years ago!  Things like lotion, bath wash, and diaper cream (which we have never needed because Vicki doesn't really get rashy).

So, I spent several hours on Amazon this morning, trying to think of things we need.  I can honestly say I'm really struggling!  We still have a crib that we never used the first time.  We have a little cradle that Jeff's granddaddy made for him to put in our room.  We never used a baby bath - I just got in the bath with Vicki. We have tons of unisex newborn clothes, and then family and friends to supply boy-clothes hand-me-downs forever.  We never used a changing table or mat.  We still have a monitor and all our bottles and brushes and pacifiers and all that.

The few things I feel like we do actually need are very pricey.  A new carseat (we are just getting a convertible this time around - not messing with the bucket since Jeff ran over it on accident), a new high chair (the Tripp Trapp I want is a little exorbitant), and some diapers and covers.  I will need a breast pump, I know, but the one I like is $1600 and it makes much more sense to rent it from the hospital for the time I need it!  A double stroller would be lovely, but again - costly.

This Bob Duallie would be sweet - only $471!!
So, I ended up with 22 items - 10 of them cloth diapers or diaper covers!  I've decided to stock up with a few more Thirsties size small covers, and then get some Fuzzibunz extra-small pockets to start.  I just scored 13 Fuzzibunz size smalls from a lady in town (30 bucks!), so I think we will be covered, diaper-wise.  I registered for the Tripp Trapp, and the carseat, a Moses basket, a few little toys like a ring stacker, a gorgeous Flensted mobile, and just a few clothes.  And if we don't get any of it - I will still be happy with what we have.

The mobile.  I love it!
I remember feeling very overwhelmed when I registered the first time around.  Was I getting the right things?  How would I know what the baby needed?  A lot of it stemmed from not knowing what our parenting style would be like.  Well, now I know:  it's minimalist, just like the rest of our lifestyle!  Honestly, gift cards would be as helpful, or more helpful than anything.

And then there's the gift my mother-in-law got us the first time around:  eight weeks of housekeeping from a professional service.  I would trade all the other gifts to get that one again!  It was a dream.

I feel like I'm forgetting something vital.  And yet - when I think back to what we needed in Vicki's first year, that was it.  We have a Moby wrap and an Ergo carrier.  She slept in bed with us.  She needed just clothing, diapers, love, and closeness to the two of us.  And those things will be non-negotiables for any of our children!


Aimee said...

Have you called your health insurance company to see if you can get all or part of a new breast pump covered under the new ACA provision that went into effect on January 1? Mine covers an Ameda Purely Yours (though you have to order it from a specific medical equipment provider, and there is lots of backorder drama right now due to the insurers and equipment companies not having their poop in a group by the first of the year...), but some insurers will give you several options, and may even cover the cost of a hospital grade rental instead. So you might be able to save some money and still get the pump you want!

Emily said...

Good call! I have been hearing about this on one of the due-date-club forums I'm in. I'll give it a shot - although I'm sure my insurance will be like "what!?" Ha! Worth trying. Yeah, I'm a snob about the hospital-grade rental. I had such supply problems that it was the only one worth my time.

Veggie Cooker said...

Emily - I had HUGE supply issues (e.g. I almost had to give up) and I still have to power pump every single night to keep up my supply. Anyways, the Medela breast pump I got I absolutely love and made it so I could breastfeed little H. And, according to the Healthcare Affordability Act they HAVE to give you a breast pump or cover a rental (it depends on the health insurance company, but United is what clergy have, and it's what I had through Vanderbilt - I know it depends on provider, but their legal folks know they have to cover it). Anyways, I got a free breast pump thanks to the act, so it's worth checking into. And, if for some reason the conference offers pushback, let me know because I'll happily petition them with you.

Veggie Cooker said...

No idea why my name shows up as "Veggie Cooker" - this is your across the street neighbor :o)

Emily said...

Yes - I did know that they are legally required to cover it. I just didn't know how much preference I had in WHICH pump they had to cover, know what I mean? But it's great to know they have to cover a rental! I'll give United a call this week and see what's up.

I just remember calling to see if they would cover our homebirth. Oh, the conversations I had. "You can do that?" "That's legal!?" "I'm not even sure what you're talking about?" :)

Christine said...

Any chance you'll be back to KC before the baby is born? We would be happy to loan you our double umbrella stroller (Maclaren Twin, I think?). It folds up small and the sides each can lay down. I used it a lot when J was 2 and G was a newborn.

Emily said...

No! Sadly. But I would pay shipping on it if it wasn't more than like $100?

Christine said...

Remind me when you are due? My in-laws will be driving here through Nashville in March; perhaps they'd be willing to drop it off on their way back if you could meet up. I can ask!

Emily said...

Beginning of May! I would love if they would be able to meet up! We are very close to all the interstates.

Christine said...

I just talked with my FIL and he said he thinks that will be fine. I think they will come through Nashville on March 16 or 17.