Monday, February 4, 2013

he did it!

One of my favorite "the time that . . ." stories I have on this blog is about Jeff losing three different wedding bands within three years of marriage.

For his birthday in September, I half-jokingly gave him an IOU for a tattoo of a wedding band.  Jeff loves tattoos and always wants to get more, so he cottoned to the idea immediately.

Well today he went to Clarksville to see his buddy Matt - who happens to be a great tattoo artist, as well.

And then he sent me this picture!!

Along with the message, "You can never leave me!"  Ha!  Now that's an "I love you forever" statement!

Well, no more wedding bands for anniversary presents now.  The traditional fourth wedding anniversary present is apparently fruit or flowers.  Fruit or flowers!?  This will be the lamest one for Jeff by a long shot.


Stephanie Carr said...

Awwww!!! I love it!!!

even one sparrow said...

haha wonderful! :)

my husband got one of those unbreakable tungsten rings..and it broke about two months after we got married (we were doing an avant-garde dancey-theatre piece for a fringe festival). later we went out and got him an "in-between" ring for $20. he STILL wears it. every time i offer to get him a new one, he refuses. he's sort of attached to it now.

Emily said...

yeah - jeff was actually loving his gas-station ring the most. but then he lost it at work awhile ago.