Tuesday, March 12, 2013

32 weeks

Well, this was originally going to be "30 weeks," then "31," and now it's 32+2.

How do I feel?  Definitely starting to slow down. Definitely retaining some water and needing to put my feet up often.  Definitely getting hard to keep up with the toddler.  And the first part of May still definitely sounds like a long way away.  But I'm still sleeping well, not really having back or stomach pain at this point, and my appetite is good.  So, no complaints.  Just the normal stuff.

Had to switch to the thinner band wedding ring.  This was my mother's ring from my stepfather, which Jeff used when he proposed to me.  I know it's doesn't look like a "traditional" engagement ring.  I don't usually wear it.  My thick white gold band had become a bit uncomfortable.

I have become a little concerned about my blood pressure, although my midwives aren't at all.  I've been consistently in the 130s/80s, which is not a cause for concern.  It's slightly higher than "normal," which would be 120s/70s.  It's worth noting that even when not pregnant, I tend to be in the 130s/80s ("pre-hypertensive."  Joy.)

My worry arises from the fact that a bit of a rise in blood pressure toward the end of pregnancy tends to be par for the course for a lot of women (and was for me with my first pregnancy - I've been carefully tracking my scores and writing them on the record I kept from my pregnancy with Vicki Jo).  With my current measurements, I cannot afford this standard rise.  It will push me up into the 140s/90s, which is cause for concern and could also mean that I need to switch my care to a hospital-based system.

Of course, if this is the situation that presents itself, I will do what I need to do.  I'm not that bent on home birth.  But I'd like to avoid it if possible!

So, I'm trying not to stress.  I'm trying to rest a lot.  And I've starting drinking hawthorn berry tea.  Hawthorn is an herb that has been used for centuries to treat hypertension in all types of people - pregnant and not.  I found the berries at the health food store, and I've been making an infusion - 1 oz dried "haws" or berries (about 1/4 C) in 1 quart of boiling water.  Let it steep overnight, then refrigerate.  I drink 1/2 C in the morning and another 1/2 C in the evening.

I just started this a few weeks ago, and I've read that it can take several weeks to reach an effective dosage, so I will just keep it up and see what happens!  There are no contraindications with hawthorn berry, so I'm not worried about taking it.

I'm leaving for New York in a couple of days, to officiate at the wedding of my very best friend.  I am so excited - on a number of levels.  To celebrate with Amanda and Paul, to see friends both old and new, and to have a hotel room all to myself for two nights.  I plan on watching a lot of television, eating at Whole Foods, and using it as a little personal babymoon.  I'm also hoping no one hassles me about flying "in my condition"!  I've heard that some airlines require a doctor's note, which I definitely don't have.

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mama foosa said...

I wouldn't think anyone should say anything about you flying! You look great! I'll be praying that your blood pressure stays under control...those things you just can't control though :( It's strange how your body handles it differently with each pregnancy. stress was always a factor for me! try to stay relaxed :) and enjoy your trip!