Friday, August 31, 2012

good morning starshine

This photo pretty well sums up mornings around here:  chaotic.  I usually try to get Vicki Jo to focus on an activity that really seizes her concentration, so I can move around quickly and get both of us ready and make breakfast.

This morning:  spooning ice!  She loved it.  I try not to use this much plastic in our work, but with the water I didn't want to use a wooden tray.  I just popped a few ice cubes out of the blue ice tray onto the purple plastic tray, showed her how to use a spoon to transfer them to the white pitcher, and let her have at it!  She loves "poons" right now.  Toss up for favorite word between 'poon, shoe, and phone.  (She's also really into toothbrushes.  Goofball.)

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