Friday, August 24, 2012


This is the current favorite activity.  Take the wipes out of the container, put the wipes into the container.  She did this for no less that 45 minutes this morning.  I tried my hardest not to interrupt her concentration or the flow of her work.

Vicki Jo has shown an interest in taking the wipes out of their container (when we are using disposable wipes, rather than our homemade ones - we are about 50/50) for a long time.  Probably a year?  It used to drive me crazy because she was lunging for the wipes the second I tried to change her.

But then, one day, I left her alone in her room with the wipes container.  I figured it would be a huge mess, but oh well - she would be entertained for awhile.  I was surprised to find that, when I left her to finish the whole process, she took them out and put them back in five or six times, but left the project completely neat and put away. 

Thanks, Montessori!  You have taught me to value what my child is interested in, try to observe her, and then leave her alone. 

(P.S. This is a "keeping it real" photo!  Messy bed, shoes everywhere, a lint roller (?), and a socket with no protector.  She has figured out how to get socket protectors out.  And unplugging stuff?  Forget it.  She's all over that.)

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