Friday, April 13, 2012

a thoughtful gift

One of my oldest close friends is named Micah.  We met in sixth grade at a feeder band concert because we both played French horn.  Our band teacher, Mrs. Cox, taught at both our elementary schools, and predicted that we would become fast friends.  Come junior high, we spent countless hours giggling, chatting, getting into trouble, and making music under Mrs. Cox's watchful eye and impressive silver hair.

For my wedding, Micah commissioned an original piece of art to be hung in the Central Junior High band room in my honor.  What a creative and deeply thoughtful gift!!  That's just like Micah.  I ran into Mrs. Cox downtown several months back, and she said she remembers us often when the artwork catches her eye.  Micah and his partner are having a commitment ceremony in the fall.  What can I think of to give him that will match his amazing gift to me?

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