Wednesday, September 28, 2011

my uniform

As the time of Vicki Jo's birth drew nearer, I realized I was going to have to give some thought to this whole nursing thing.  I had been so focused on having a healthy pregnancy and natural birth that my train of thought had kind of ended there.  I read what Dr. Bradley had to say about the first few days after birth, and I knew La Leche League would be a good resource, but so much of it seemed just like pregnancy - every woman (and baby!) is so different.  Would I need nursing pads?  Would I not?  Would a Boppy pillow help me, or just get in the way?  Did I need a rocking chair?  I chose to go with Jeff's approach on these matters:  wait and see (very unusual for me!).

Turns out I didn't need any of that stuff.  The one thing I ended up needing, loving, wearing daily, was this tank top from Gilligan & O'Malley:

I have two in white, one in gray, one in black, and I'm about to buy another one in black.  They are a steal for the number of times I've worn them:  $17 at Target.  This tank doesn't have the weird yoke-looking piece in the front that many nursing tanks have that always pops out and looks awkward.  It just has a hook that links the fabric into each strap.  It is cut generously and hasn't shrunk in the wash.  It is convenient and easy.  It is my daily uniform:  I wear it under a sweater, shirt, or dress every single day.  This tank and my rental pump have been the only two things I needed to nurse my baby for the last six months.

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