Friday, September 9, 2011

my main mug

We have a lot of coffee mugs in our church office.  I could probably choose from about sixty.  But this is my mug.  I just wanted this mug so badly that I walked all the way to the parlor and the dishwasher and retrieved it.  Something about this mug makes me happy, and a little nostalgic.  It makes me want to get things done.  As you can see, it sits atop my to-do list, which I hope will shrink to zero items by the end of today (fat chance).  It also perfectly holds eight ounces of coffee and four ounces of milk, which are proportions of magical renown for my productivity.  How did I ever stop drinking coffee for ten months again?

1 comment:

David the Librarian said...

It looks a lot like sets that both pairs of grandparents had in Ulysses - very '70s. We probably have about a dozen similar ones down in the basement - feel free to look around next time you come over!