Friday, September 2, 2011

homemade diaper wipes

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When we switched over to cloth diapers at home, I'd been investigating different avenues for homemade baby wipes as well.  I mean, the point stands to reason that you're doing small loads of laundry very frequently, so you might as well put the wipes in there too.  I found a recipe or two for homemade disposable wipes, including the ingenious cut-a-roll-of-Bounty-in-half method.  But that didn't solve the disposable dilemma. 

Then I saw some reusable wipes from Thirsties that were like 11 bucks for six.  I thought I could do better on the price by going a renegade route.

So I went to Target and bought a pack of plain white washcloths and cut each one in half when I got home.

I also bought a plastic spray bottle in the wall of sample toiletries.  I love that aisle because I hate committing to a new product without trying a little first.  (I love the fact that Aveda does this as well!)

And I got a little sample size of aloe vera gel.

I already had some lavender and tea tree oil mixed together at home (my friend Stephanie gave it to me because it kills the itch from bug bites).

I put a cup of hot filtered water, two tablespoons of aloe vera and a drop of the essential oil into a bowl and whisked it up well.  Then I poured it into the spray bottle.

I just keep the wipes dry and spray the baby's skin with the spray bottle and wipe it off with the rag.  It's so weird that she doesn't seem to mind having a cold spray on her nether-regions, and yet the bath is a major catastrophe.  (Also weird:  she likes cold bottles of milk.)

I've been using this about two weeks, and I'm only halfway through the contents of the spray bottle.  The sixteen wipes have been far more than I've needed between loads of laundry.  I'm pleased with the results.  Vicki's skin is soft, clean and smells good.  I should add that she hasn't ever had sensitive or irritated skin, so I didn't really have to worry about textures or ingredients that may sting. 

Hope you enjoy!  Yet another area of money- and earth-saving baby hygiene that was simpler than I was building it up to be in my mind.


Stephanie said...

Brilliant!! I love this idea. While I am years away from having a baby, I do shudder at the thought of paying for diapers and wipes. I'm glad that you are doing this first so you can just coach me through if and/or when the times comes. Also, I made it into your blog!! I feel so special!!

Emily said...

oh steph . . . you are so special. when can you come live with us?