Monday, February 2, 2015

vicki jo: 3 years and 10 months

Not too many updates on my sweetest girl this month.  She is rocking and rolling.  She is wheeling and dealing.  Her newest thing is fast-forwarding through certain segments of her beloved "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" (the "Mouseketools," for those of you who are in the know), because she says they are "disgusting."  That cracked me up.  Maybe you had to be there.  

Showing Bubba how to get Mickey on the iPad while snuggled up on the couch.

They have been obsessed and begging to go in the carts with cars at Kroger.  Mostly so they can swipe candy from the low shelves when I'm not looking.

This is about as much snow as we ever get in Nashville!  But we enjoyed the crap out of it and even made some snowballs.

She had her second hostess day at Encore.  Grandma went with her this time since I was all tied up with my D.Min. program.  She loved it.  We also made frozen bananas dipped in chocolate for the snack!

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