Monday, February 9, 2015

menu plan february ii

Ah, Valentine's Week.  Am I the only kid who was so bugged when the other kids in elementary school called it Valentimes Day?  I'm still irked about that 25 years later.  Anyway, we have some fun stuff in the works for this week.  Both kids have parties in their classrooms, and Vicki and I are going to make some cookies on Wednesday to take to hers!  We already made paper valentines for Todd's class.  (Todd colored, Vicki cut.)

This is a cute idea too, huh!?  Anything can become Valentine's themed with a heart-shaped cookie cutter.  :)

Enough about Valentine's Day.  On to the food!

We literally always have one of three things for breakfast if we are at home.

1)  -- scrambled eggs from our Mennonite hens
     -- homemade sourdough toast/English muffins/biscuits
     -- raw butter we have been making from our Mennonite cow cream
     -- local raw honey or homemade preserves
     -- seasonal fruit from our CSA or satsumas (in the winter)

2) -- pancakes
    -- raw butter
    -- real maple syrup
    -- seasonal fruit

3)  --soaked oatmeal with raisins, shredded coconut, coconut cream, honey
     --seasonal fruit or preserves

Vicki usually requests #2.  If we have time, I'm happy to oblige.  If I do any sourdough baking, though, we will use the excess starter to have sourdough pancakes.  Also, this week we have delicious bacon from our CSA, so I've been making bacon to go with our pancakes or eggs and toast, as well.

Since it is so monotonous, I'm not going to put breakfast on the menu plan.

For drinks, we always have raw milk on hand.  We also drink Berkey filtered water, kombucha, or homemade soda from our ginger bug.  I would love to start messing with water kefir soon.

Finally, I try to make one dessert-ish item that we nibble on all week for snacks and desserts.  This week, I made a lemon-lime sherbet that is so ridiculously easy it seems impossible.  I love a good citrus frozen dessert.

-- lunch:  grilled pork tenderloin, roasted broccoli, baked sweet potatoes, macaroni & cheese, biscuits
-- supper:  Family Dinner!  We are having Indian food and it's our turn to bring appetizer, so I made some cucumber raita and bought some veggies and naan to go with it.

-- lunch:  at Panera for a business meeting.  I've been loving this Cobb salad.
-- supper:  bacon, cabbage and egg noodles

-- lunch:  leftover chicken and noodles from last week
-- supper:  Shrove Tuesday!!  Pancakes and sausage are the traditional fare for this night.  :)

-- lunch:  me and my girl are taking a field trip to Radnor Lake with her Encore class.  I'm thinking we might do a special lunch somewhere on the way back, just the two of us.
-- supper:  meatloaf, roasted broccoli and turnips

-- lunch:  going out somewhere with my dear mentor and buddy from our Staff-Parish Relations Committee
-- supper:  sweet potato and onion hash with fried eggs over top and sausage patties

-- lunch:  leftovers!
-- supper:  bacon cheeseburger pizza (this is one of my favorites!  Sourdough crust, tomato paste, cooked ground beef, cooked chopped bacon, shredded cheddar cheese, sauteed onions and mushrooms, and I like mine with a little homemade sauerkraut or chopped dill pickle on top after it gets done baking.)

-- lunch:  going to do a beef and cabbage stew along these lines, but with some tweaks
-- supper:  our special Valentine's Dinner!  We will have steaks, baked potatoes, spinach (or greens, depending on what we get in our CSA box that day) gratin, Caesar salad, and a chocolate cake with strawberry jam filling (I think I will skip the frosting and just do whipped cream on top, and maybe also just do two layers?  I'm not sure.)

What will you be eating this week?

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Stephanie Carr said...

Sounds delicious!!
Monday--Pad Thai over Spaghetti Squash
Tuesday--TBD (I'm on my own)
Weds--A hot quinoa salad with spinach, feta, and chicken
Thursday--the fried rice recipe from your blog!! But with chicken instead of shrimp for Mr. Shellfish Allergy
Friday--I'll probably eat at Beyond the Edge or Sam's in Old Hickory
Saturday--Sean is making me dinner!! I've requested steaks, asparagus, and mashed potatoes, but we'll see.

Lunches will be leftovers and/or a can of light Progresso soup. I'm counting weight watchers points pretty strictly during the week, so nothing too crazy.

P.S. I want breakfast with you!! Especially on a sourdough morning. Sourdough is my favorite!!

Emily said...

Girl look at you! I bet Sean cooks a splendid Valentine's Supper for you two. :) Come over for breakfast anytime. I just can't talk until I've had coffee.