Sunday, November 2, 2014

vicki jo: 3 years + 7 months

On November 2, Vicki Jo adds 7 months to her 3 years.  Here is what she is up to:

Finishing up her soccer season.  It couldn't end soon enough for her.

Being exceptionally sassy.  (Including getting in trouble for disobedience in both her schools.  Ugh.  I had similar issues and I'm afraid history is repeating itself.)

Demanding pancakes for breakfast every morning.  She and Todd also demand to eat all the batter help.

Really enjoying her Encore program.  Except when she won't listen to her teacher (see above).

Playing a game called "I have a secret," in which her secret is always "I love you."  (Heartmelt!)

Sitting all the way through church with grandma (or occasionally up front with me) until Children's Sermon and Children's Church!

Having her second-ever dental cleaning - no cavities!  Although the dentist was "concerned about how close her teeth are together."  Boo for future orthodontics.

Wanting to be "a bad witch who eats people" for Halloween.  I was somewhat disturbed by this, obviously, and told her that witches don't eat people.  She told me the witch in Hansel and Gretel tried to eat them.  I hate when she's right all the time!

Running outside to get in a few quick swings as I get Todd into his car seat.

Sleeping all piled up with her brother.  Thinking of moving them into their own bed soon, or maybe bunks?

Being my sweet girl.

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