Thursday, July 5, 2012

a start

We have begun our foray into creating a Montessori toddler space/bedroom! We just bought our first home and we are so thrilled that Vicki Jo can have her own bedroom at last. I have begun with the bare bones of our space, with more to come as time and money allow.

We have a full-size mattress on the floor, tucked tightly into the corner.  Until we have the room completely safe and secure, she will keep sleeping in her portable crib.  I'm a bit nervous about the transition to the floor-bed, but we have been practicing climbing onto and off of it, so I know that she will be safe if she does decide to venture off.  Eventually a low shelf for toys and activities will run along the wall where the crib is now.  Jeff is in the midst of making that!

Where the unused TV is sitting (you can only see the very top of it) will be the care of self area.  We need to get a small table and chair, put up a mirror, and perhaps even start a toilet learning area right there.  I know it's optimal to have it in the bathroom where she will need to learn to go eventually, but we have literally zero space for an extra potty in there.

To the right in the photo above is the real secret to any good Montessori-inspired space:  closet and storage space!!  We will use this for clothing, supplies, toys out of rotation, diapers, etc.

This is where the reading corner will eventually go.  We are going to make or buy a small library-style display bookshelf, where all books will face outward.  We also have a sweet family heirloom child-size rocking chair that Jeff's grandaddy made for his first Christmas in 1983.  Vicki has just become fixated on climbing into it and rocking!

Sorry for the poor quality of the photos - they are just iPhone quickies.  Check back regularly for progress updates!

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Andrea said...

If you have wall space for it, I've seen pictures of people using vinyl rain gutters as those style of face-out bookshelves for kids. They're cheap, and easy to install/use.