Friday, September 19, 2014

cold brew

Coffee.  My sweet lifeblood.  Sometimes it's the only thing that I look forward to in the morning.  Am I addicted to caffeine?  Absolutely, beyond a reasonable doubt.  I'm trying to keep it to three cups a day, because if I get any more than that, I have trouble getting to sleep.  But the thought of giving up coffee entirely seems laughable - absurd, even.

So it's fortuitous that I live where I do.  I'm lucky that we live in a neighborhood with so many awesome walking destinations.  We can go to the playground, two ice cream shops, the post office, the library, the hardware store, the herb shop, the health food store, the butcher, two farmers markets, and three coffee shops.  Within a half mile in any direction!   If we "go for a walk," you can guarantee that there's going to be coffee involved for me.  I always order a double shot of espresso - either hot or on ice, depending on the season.  This was a little conspiracy I developed with a barista during my maternity leave.  I was walking in every morning with Todd, ordering an iced latte.  One day she whispered, "You know, it's a lot cheaper if you just order the espresso and add the milk yourself."  She was so right!  And that's what I've been doing ever since.

But at some point you have to cut the spending and start making it yourself, at home.  I was a little intimidated by the idea of cold brewing coffee.  But you have no idea how easy this is.  I was imagining some kind of intricate cold brewing process.  No, my friends.  When they say "cold brewed," it just means you let the coffee grounds sit in cold water and then strain them.  There is no active "brewing" involved in your part!  So try it out.  Feed the beast.  I like to enjoy this double-strength concentrate with equal parts milk, over ice.  

Cold-Brewed Coffee
2/3 C ground coffee
3 C water

Take your coffee:

And your water:

And put them in a French press:

Push the plunger down a little to ensure all the grounds are in contact with the water, and leave it in the fridge for at least twelve hours:

Then enjoy!

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